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Generator Service

Bonham Electric, Inc. is here to bring you some peace of mind as a Generac and Kohler Authorized dealer with a full line of very reliable Generac products. Whether you need an emergency power system to back up your home or business, a portable power product to take to a construction site or even a tailgate party, or a power washer for those tough cleaning products, Bonham Electric, Inc. can help you find the best product for your situation. Contact us today to get help finding the best product for you and for some excellent world-class service and support.

Generac Generators

Kohler Generators

As a Generac Authorized dealer, Bonham Electric, Inc. of Dayton, OH brings you peace of mind with a full line of reliable Generac products backed by world-class service and support. Explore our product selection, then contact us so we can help you select the Generac solution that's just right for you.


Bonham Electric, Inc. of Dayton, OH has teamed up with Kohler as an authorized dealer to provide you with a whole line of excellent Kohler products and professional service when you need it. Whether you are just in need of purchasing a generator or installing one, Bonham Electric, Inc. can get the job done for you.


Services Provided

  • Commercial Construction

  • Industrial Construction

  • Institutional Construction

  • Multi-Family Construction

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

  • Electrical Installations

  • Plan and Spec Projects

  • Design and Build Projects

  • Electrical Contractor

  • Retail Installations

  • Factory Installations

  • Education Installations

  • Office Installations

  • Medical Installations

24/7 Emergency Service

For any emergency after our office is closed, please contact the emergency number that best fits your emergency.

Commercial and Industrial Emergency Contact

937 - 233 - 7662


Residential Service Emergency Contact

(From 5pm to 7am only)

937 - 684 - 0585

Generator Service Emergency Contact

937 - 620 - 6620

Installing a New 900KW Generator
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